Mr. Philip Duval Visiting SICFL
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On March 24, 2015, Professor Zhu Yixin, President of Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College, Professor Zhu Shichang, Dean of the Department of English along with Associate Professor Niu Yuanyuan from the Department of English met with Mr. Philip Duval, Vice Principal of New Zealand College of Business at Lincoln University. Both parties held cordial conversation during the meeting. The Office of International Cooperation of SICFL had made thoughtful preparation for the meeting.

   President Zhu Yixin first extended a warm welcome to Mr. Philip Duval and the party led by him for the visit of SICFL. “We will consider the initiative by various department in our college, giving our firm support to the department to facilitate their international collaboration with their overseas partners in different dimensions and at various levels because we believe that it is our determined goal to provide our students with opportunities to go abroad to develop their international perspectives,” said Professor Zhu Yixin. He also hoped that New Zealand College of Business at Lincoln University would show its own competitiveness by taking into full account its teaching faculty and geographic features in conducting the collaboration with our college. Mr. Philip Duval first expressed his profound gratitude to President Zhu for his warm hospitality and then he added that they attached great importance to the establishment of the cooperative partnership relations with Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College. “We will certainly try to demonstrate what we can offer to our partners and at present we will first start our collaboration program with the Department of English concerning the Bridge Program for students from SICFL. President Zhu also suggested that two institutions could plan to hold Summer Camp activities for the students of the two schools, to which Mr. Philip fully agreed.  

After the meeting with President Zhu, Mr. Philip and his party went to the Department of English to hold an in-depth discussion with the administrators of the Department and right after lunch Mr. Philip spoke to the students of the Department.

During the meeting with the administrators of the Department of English, both parties discussed in detail on how to start the cooperation by focusing on the modules of “2+1+1, 2.5+1+1” concerning “International Tourism, Secretarial Work at Exported-oriented Enterprises and Tertiary Service for Foreigners”. The students of the Department of English would start from the second year in the above three directions so as to lay groundwork for their career or overseas study in future. Both parties also discussed how to make Summer Camp activities distinctive from other similar programs. Both party agreed that in the future Summer Camp Programs there would be such activities of “home-stay with the local inhabitants”, “visiting the local farms and diaries and manufacturers”, among others. And consensus was also reached with regard to the Bridge Programs.

During the talk, both parties also discussed a great deal about holding the “New Zealand Cultural Festival in SICFL in November of this year. Mr. Philip Duval said that they would send a representative to be attending the opening ceremony of the festival and also he promised to try to invite an official either from Embassy of New Zealand or an official from Consulate General in Shanghai to come and mark the occasion of the event. It was also agreed that the representatives from Sino-New Zealand enterprises or New Zealand-funded enterprise in China would be invited to join the festival.

In addition, the discussion included the faculty exchange between the two schools. Late in the afternoon, Mr. Philip Duval met with an audience of 400 students and introduced New Zealand and his school to the students, who were very pleased to have had communication with the speaker.