The Collaboration between SICFL & Shanghai Shenhui
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On November 27, 2014, a group of the distinguished guests from Shanghai Shenhui Overseas Affairs Service Co., Ltd, including Vice President Mr. Chen Si, Mr. Colin Lu, Manager, Mr. Wang Yuzhao, Manager and Miss Tan Fangli, human resources supervisor, came to visit our college. They were warmly welcomed by the administrators of the college. Professor President Zhu Yixin met with the guests and held a cordial and fruitful conversation with the guests. The unveiling ceremony was chaired by Vice President Professor Zhu Shichang. Present on the occasion were Assistant to the President, Director of Dean’s Office, Dr. Fu Jianhui, Deputy Director of Students’ Enrolment & Employment Office, Madame Wu Guiling and Ms. Shen Hongbo, Associate Dean of the Department.

When reviewing the history of the development of the college, President Zhu pointed out, “During the process of the development of the college, we have always been able to get the precious support from all walks of life, the assistance from the enterprises in particular. Under the current situation when the technical & vocational colleges are facing an opportunity of the rapid development, we wish to get more support from the scheme of the school-enterprise collaboration. As a college which attaches much importance to the language study, we should pay more attention to enhancing the students’ ability to apply their language ability under the context of the workplaces. The college will spare no efforts to make the real contact with the enterprises. We plan to design a section by imitating the visa section at Shenhui so as to include what is needed in the enterprise in our teaching curriculum. “Our college should step our efforts to make sure that the reform we carry out should serve the real need of the development of the local economy, ” President Zhu added.

Vice President Mr. Chen Si expressed the sincere thanks to SICFL and he was full of confidence that the cooperation between Shenhui and SICFL would surely bear much result in the days to come. “Thanks to the growth of about a decade, Shenhui has already developed itself into one of the most influential enterprises in the field. Shenhui will make further efforts to expand its own business so as to make it a most influential enterprise not only in the East China Region but also in China. President Zhu and Vice President Chen held an in-depth discussion on the issue of how to conduct the extensive cooperation between the two institutions.

Vice President Professor Zhu and Mr. Colin Lu, Manager from Shenhui signed on the contract of the cooperation on behalf of their own institution. After that, both President Zhu & Vice President Chen unveiled the gold plate of the cooperation. After that, the guests visited the campus accompanied by Dr. Fu and Mr. Colin Lu, together with Madame Wu, had an interview with the students from the Department of English.

The visit by the guests from Shenhui has indicated that the substantial cooperation between SICFL and Shenhui has been well under way and has explored a new approach for the reform of the language programs in our college.