Welcoming the Guests from Northumbria University, U.K.
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On November 24, 2014, Vice President, Dean of the Department of English, Professor Zhu Shichang, together with Associate Professor Executive Associate Dean Chen Cheng, Madame Shen Hongbo, Associate Dean and Associate Professor Madame Niu Yuanyuan, Secretary of International Cooperation of the Department of English met with Professor Gerry Hayden, the Chief Representation in China region Jennifer Gao and Mr. Li Jianguo, the manager of Shanghai Overseas International Education Service Co, Ltd.And both parties held conversations on the issues of the mutual concern.

First and foremost, Professor Zhu passed the feedback by the students who came back from Northumbria University after a three-month-long study in that university, expressing the hope that in future the students from SICFL should be mixed with the students from other cultural and ethnic background so as to give them more chances topracticeEnglish, and the guest from Northumbria expressed their understanding on this issue and they said they would take care of that immediately after the conversation. As for the question of the cooking utensil in the studentsdorm, the guest from U.K. said that they would have it dealt with in future.

Thenboth parties discussed in detail about the preparations of the British Cultural Festival which would be held in about ten days. Professor Zhu told the guests what had been prepared and also expressed his personal profound gratitude to the guests for their great contribution and generous support.

The conversation went on smoothlyand both parties said that with the concerted efforts, the British Cultural Festival would surely be a huge success.